Worth It Events are thoughtfully curated virtual experiences that elevate the personal and professional lives of people who are prepared to thrive. Designed to provide engaging content and access to communities of like-minded individuals, Worth It Events focus on emerging topics and trends.

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Receive knowledge and tools from seasoned thought leaders and industry experts who are thriving in their own lives and wish the same for you!

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Meet like-minded people, share your experiences, and build lasting connections. Everyone has an opportunity to enhance the conversation at our events.

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Our events are live and have limited capacity. Sign-up now for upcoming events to secure your spot.

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About Worth International

Worth It Events are virtual experiences curated to enrich the personal and professional lives of anyone who seeks to thrive. Our goal is to provide unique and memorable opportunities that have lasting and positive impacts on lives of all who attend. The team at W.I.E. works diligently to curate the details of each event. Our model focuses on connecting participants with experts and like-minded people who want to share knowledge and resources, and who wish to support each other. Topics focus on myriads of existing and emerging trends and issues.

Worth It Events is the youngest brand of Worth International Media. For more than 50 years, Worth has connected people globally through stimulating print and digital media, and in-person events. Proud architects of Recommend, Prevue, and Undiscovered Florida, Worth has a proven history of providing focused education and resources to help enhance the success and experiences of those who engage with our brands.

Worth International Media also has a Custom Projects division that focuses on developing content-rich resources and solutions for clients. We have worked brands of all sizes across multiple industries, most notably Spirit Airlines, Loews Hotel, Simons Malls, Broward Health, and government agencies in Mexico and the Dominican Republic are among our current and former clients.

Worth It Events draw upon the extensive history and experience of Worth International Media’s team in order to deliver unparalleled experiences. We look forward to continuing to do what we love to do through our virtual events; To bring people together through empowering, enriching, and enlightening experiences.

Look for upcoming events on the topics that matter most to you, from well-being to social media to sustainability, the possibilities are endless!

Upcoming and Recorded Events

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